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Friday 21st June 2013
New website for the club has been launched

Since our old website had originally been designed back in 2005, it was looking a bit outdated and hadn't kept up with the changes we had been having at the club. We decided to give our site an upgrade to help advertise the club's services, provide information within the local community and help promote the sporting venues that are associated with the club.

We now have better information regarding the facilities and services we provide as well as helping advertise those of the township of Tooleybuc.

Some of the new features include:

  • More information and details regarding the services at the Tooleybuc Sporting Club
  • Easier to update and keep members and guests informed about the club
  • Information and the facility to send booking requests to participating accommodation venues in Tooleybuc
  • Extensive information regarding the golf club for members and visitors
  • Up to date information and links for our local sporting groups
  • A general notice board for the Tooleybuc and surrounding district
  • Notice board for the Tooleybuc Central School
  • Notice board for the Tooleybuc Piangil Action Group
  • Plus all the old features such as what's on at the club, news, pictures and the facility to contact us easily

We hope you like the site and it becomes a valuable tool for the club, sporting groups and the local community.