Tooleybuc Sporting Club’s Bowls Upgrade: Revitalising the Club for the Community

The Tooleybuc Sporting Club is a beloved facility in the local community, providing a place for residents to gather, socialise, and enjoy a range of sporting activities. One of the popular activities at the club is bowls, which has a long and proud history at Tooleybuc. Now, the club is embarking on an exciting new upgrade that will revitalise its bowls facilities and attract even more members and visitors.

One of the most significant changes that the club is implementing is the reinstatement of the second bowls rink. This rink has been out of commission for five seasons, but now it is being restored to its former glory. The upgrade will provide members with more opportunities to play bowls and will help the club to host larger tournaments and events.

Speaking of tournaments, the Tooleybuc Sporting Club is proposing record prize money for next season’s tournament. This is due to last year’s waiting list of teams, indicating the growing popularity of the club and its events.

To further encourage membership growth and retention, the club has implemented a new strategy of reducing membership fees. Membership fees will now be lowered from $150 to $50, providing players with a saving of $100 per season. Additionally, pennant green fees of $10 per person per home game will no longer be charged for playing members, resulting in a saving of $70 per season for players.

Tooleybuc Sporting Club is also implementing a new Pennant Reciprocal Membership special condition. This means that if a member of another club chooses to play for Tooleybuc, they will not be required to pay additional membership fees as long as they are already a financial member of another bowling club. This move will help attract players from other clubs and create a more welcoming environment for visiting players.

Finally, the club is in the process of confirming new dates for Barefoot Bowls in the upcoming season. This is a fun and relaxed way to enjoy the sport of bowls, and the club hopes to attract more families and groups to participate in this activity.

The Tooleybuc Sporting Club’s Bowls Upgrade is an exciting development that will bring new life to the club and provide more opportunities for members and visitors to enjoy the sport of bowls. With the new upgrades, record prize money, reduced membership fees, and reciprocal membership arrangements, Tooleybuc Sporting Club is set to become a top destination for bowlers in the region.