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Club Facilities

The Tooleybuc Sporting club is situated on the banks of the beautiful Murray River within the western Riverina district of NSW, approximately 50km from Swan Hill, VIC. Boasting a 9-hole golf course, two bowling greens, tennis courts, mini golf course, 44 gaming machines and refurbished TAB and Keno facilities, the Tooleybuc Sporting Club meets the needs of all. The Club holds strong affiliations with the Golf, Bowls, Cricket, Football and Netball clubs (500 members collectively), all situated in the township of Tooleybuc.

With 1200 financial club members, the Tooleybuc Sporting Club operates six (6) two-bedroom units with an occupancy of 85% year-round, and has a 20 room motel with an occupancy rate of approximately 75%, less than 150m from the entrance to the venue. The Tooleybuc Sporting Club is flowing with opportunity, and acts as a key landmark on main routes between Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide.

The Tooleybuc Sporting Club itself includes a 250-seat auditorium, supervised children’s playroom, as well as The Cheeky Chopstick – bistro that operates 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, dine in and takeaway. The bistro also services two intimate function rooms, with a combined seating capacity of 180 customers at any one time.

Supported by passionate locals, the region’s agricultural sector provides employment for thousands of seasonal employees in the immediate area, many of whom are regular attendees at the Tooleybuc Sporting Club.

About the Club

The formulation of the idea for a Sporting Club was borne from the minds of two district gentlemen whom had just returned from a holiday in Tamworth during 1967.

The two gentlemen were so impressed with the facilities offered to members and visitors at the Tamworth Workers Club that they decided to float the idea through the Tooleybuc district upon their return. Consequently a sub-committee was formed in 1968, with the aim of obtaining licenses and finance. The club, after some time incubating, was eventually opened on the 6th of April 1978.

From such a beginning and with such a small immediate residential population the club grown to its current size.

In addition to these attractions on the club owned land, the Tooleybuc Sporting Club also maintains Tooleybuc’s Recreation Reserve complex.

The Tooleybuc Sporting Club has also been the major single point of employment for local residents for more than forty years. It operates the bar, function areas and gaming lounge, and catering facilities.

The Tooleybuc Sporting Club essentially acts as the ‘barometer’ of its’ hinterland. It is inextricably linked to the fortunes of the local region, suffering sympathetically in times of drought and hardship, and promoting the enjoyment of good times.

The Tooleybuc Sporting Club is managed by a Board of Directors and Club Manager.

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